omegablaster asked: Is it safe to expect the next set of tMG press photos to include a recreation of that one?


we actually did that already and it is, without exception, my favorite picture of our band ever taken. 


photo by Derek Anderson IIRC btw and I’m pretty sure I RC. 

This is so many levels of awesome that Dante would write about it.

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I am a single-issue voter.


What issue, you may ask?


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"Just because he’s a Demon Lord doesn’t mean he’s not into consent. We have a safe-word and everything."

"That’s good of him."

-Party wizard explaining why her demon/ antipaladin lover is totally okay to the cavalier


I couldn’t resist

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Done making and testing my new Borborygmos Enraged EDH deck. Picked up a foil english of the general because he’s cheap and thanks to some masking tape and aggressive erasing, I own most likely the only white bordered Japanese Borborygmos Enraged on the planet.

This looks really awesome. I’ve gotta try this.

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Levers and Wedges

While every color and combination thereof is special, some have received more attention over time than others. Allied color pairs were early hits, with enemy color pairs trailing not far behind. Allied “shard” colors were the prominent feature of Shards of Alara and its block, and the plane of Ravnica has twice put every pair of colors on equal display. Only now, with Khans of Tarkir, do the wedges get their full due.

xenagosrade asked: I still get that occasional Magic is just a bunch of cardboard or why do you play useless cards? More from the older people in fact. Do you have a suggestion on how I should reply to these comments since I know they dunno full well what Magic the Gathering really is?


Here’s something to try. “You might not be very familiar with the game of Magic but it is currently the best-selling game in the world played by over 12 million people. It’s printed in 11 languages. Sold in over 120 countries. Has over 700,000 tournaments sanctioned every year. And has printed over 20 billion cards over the last 21 years.”


Harry Making Learnings


The dark side of the moon

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Anonymous asked: I've been wanting to pitch an idea for an article to Cracked but I, being shy and anxiety-filled, am terrified to actually post the pitch. Do you have any advice?


Eesh, good luck, buddy!

Shyness is a comforting and useful “tool” for lack of a better word, and my instincts for a long time sided with shyness and caution, and there’s a lot of merit to that. Let’s talk about some things that my shyness, nervousness or anxiety accomplished for me:

They have, without question, resulted in me being comfortable, I won’t pretend that they didn’t. I’d be in class, in college, listening to a bunch of people talk about something that I didn’t agree with and I’d think “Maybe I should interject,” and then I’d remember that I’m probably the only one with my opinion and it wouldn’t help anyone if I rocked the boat, and anyway if all of these people thought the same way they were probably right, so shush, Daniel. And boy, sitting in a classroom quietly will always feel more comfortable than having a bunch of eyes on you when you’re saying something you know a bunch of people won’t like. And that comfort is nice and reassuring. Mmmmm, tasty comfort.

Or I’d see a cute girl reading a book at my coffee shop [or bar or office or The World] and think “Maybe I should introduce myself and find out what she likes,” and then instead I’d ultimately choose to read my own book and, sure, sitting on my own without having to talk to someone new who could potentially hurt my feelings, I didn’t start breathing fast and I didn’t start sweating and I felt very comfortable, so much more comfortable than if I’d tried to stutter my way through an introduction.

Or I’d have an idea for an article and I’d write it up and I’d consider submitting it to a magazine I liked, but then I’d imagine the cold, rejection letter that could potentially follow. And I’d think about how depressed that could make me, how embarrassed I’d feel, how maybe the rejection would sting so hard that I’d quit writing altogether. And then I’d decide “Nah, this is another one just for ME. Not going to submit it.” And, PHEW, what a sigh of relief! It’s legitimately comforting and wonderful.

But I should be clear right now, I don’t actually remember any of those things. I don’t remember sitting quietly in class. And I don’t remember not approaching the cute girl at the [insert place], and I can’t remember the names of any of the magazines I didn’t submit to. Which isn’t to say that those things didn’t happen; I’m positive that they did. I’m sure that they happened a bunch of times, I just don’t remember them with any clarity.

I can’t remember specific examples where I bit my tongue in class, but I remember how amazing/terrifying it felt to be the first one in a room saying “Wait, let’s rethink this,” and people listened.

I don’t remember every interesting woman I didn’t talk to, but I remember the smile of every single one that I was (temporarily) brave enough to try to make laugh.

I was too nervous to submit probably 200 articles or short stories or one-act-plays to websites, magazines and contests. I don’t remember any of those pieces of content (or the names of any of the sites, magazines or contest). What I DO remember, with eternal specificity, is the first article I had submitted, completely cold, to Cracked. The rough draft was written in red pen in one of those College Ruled notebooks. I wrote it when I should have been paying attention in Astronomy, a Summer Semester class I was taking my junior year of college. I typed it up when I went home that night and submitted it. The minute it was accepted by then-editor Jay Pinkerton, I told my big brothers, and then I took out my friends Joe and Jaclyn for a late night snack of cream-of-turkey soup at our favorite piece-of-shit diner to tell them the good news, and then a few days later I told my Mom because she seemed bummed that day and I thought it might cheer her up (I originally planned to keep my Cracked writing a secret from her, because there were curse-words in it and I didn’t want to upset/embarrass her. For the record, when I DID tell her I’d sold my first article, her response was “I’m sure they’ll buy more and more articles and then just hire you full-time,” and then of course that happened, because Moms know more than us).

It may not have been comfortable, but I sure do remember it, and other moments like it. In fact, before falling asleep at night, I have never comforted myself with idle thoughts of the chances I didn’t take. Even when things DON’T work out, it’s more fun to relive the chances you took than it is to dwell on the ones you didn’t.

Anytime you do something like that, something that scares you or makes you breathe fast, you’re going to feel uncomfortable. But, I don’t know. Do you think you were put on this big, silly Earth to sit around being comfortable?



Everyone needs a little of this right now

Robin Williams, you will be missed


Commissioned for Xander!!