Finished another commission! :)


Another lovely alter by and shameless plug for my girlfriend, altersbyalexander, who texted me the final results. My exact response was “This makes me indescribably happy.” He’s gonna be making some waves once he’s back in Ruric Thar (he was proxied by everyone’s favorite homegirl, Stoneforge Mystic).



Ruric Thar’s Creature Brigade



Turn 3 Ruric Thar is a happy Ruric Thar, but I’m having some trouble in 5+ player games where I don’t want to draw the aggro of the entire table by accelerating like crazy and turning it into Archenemy. The problem then is that by mid-/late-game, Grave Pact effects and board wipes really set me back, and GP+(sac outlet) nearly locks me out of the game, which can put me on tilt, which is not where I want to be. Suggestions? I’ve already got a Tajuru Preserver coming in the mail, I’m just looking for more ways of making my creatures more resilient. Thanks :D

Fighting Grave Pact and fighting board wipes are slightly different problems, so I’ll tackle them separately.

To deal with Grave Pact effects, I’d start by running a ton of creatures that can Naturalize when they enter the battlefield. A big part of building aggro is making sure you can deal with problematic permanents while still developing your board, so cards like Brutalizer Exarch, Bane of Progress, Terastodon, etc make great additions to the deck, if you’re not already running them.


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Alrighty new perspective and some more ideas for tweaking Ruric Thar! Thanks a bunch!


So, I have a strong preference for reblogging over original posts on Tumblr, even when I’m announcing something. Reblogging seems like the spirit of Tumblr: I have a website where I can just make a straight-ahead put-in-on-the-internet announcement if that’s what I want to do, and then I can link to it from Twitter and so on. Or go door-to-door saying “have you visited mountain hyphen goats dot com today, neighbor?” as my son, even at his tender age, has repeatedly asked me to not do.

So what we have here is one of the images that came up when I searched on “Wolf In White Van” without quotes around it just now. I don’t know what movie it’s from and I’m 100% ok with not knowing, honestly I prefer to believe it’s a hi-res cell phone video of something that actually happened, but there it was, anyway, early in the search, wicked as hell, heading not for the camera which you can’t eat anyway but for the boom operator, brave soul, still holding down the station as the wolf advances, drool dripping from its maw.

The reason why I searched on “Wolf In White Van” is I’m doing a book tour in the fall. 

9/15 – New York, NY

Le Poisson Rouge

158 Bleecker Street

New York, NY  10012

With John Hodgman

7:00 p.m.

9/18 – Durham, NC

Motorco, presented by The Regulator

Motorco Music Hall

723 Rigsbee Avenue

Durham, NC 27701 

7:30 p.m.

9/22 – Raleigh, NC

Quail Ridge Books

3522 Wade Avenue

Raleigh, NC  27607

7:30 p.m.

9/24 – Nashville, TN

Parnassus Books

3900 Hillsboro Pike

Nashville, TN  37215

6:30 p.m. 

9/25 – Oxford, MS

Thacker Mountain Radio

Off Square Books

129 Courthouse Square

Oxford, MS 38655

6:00 pm

9/29 – San Francisco, CA

Green Apple Books

With Robin Sloan

Make Out Room

7:00 pm

9/30 – Los Angeles, CA

Skylight Books

1818 N Vermont Avenue

Los Angeles, CA  90027

7:30 p.m.

10/1 – Portland, OR

Powell’s Books

1005 W. Burnside Street

Portland OR 97209

With Matt Fraction

7:30 pm

10/2 – Denver, CO

The Tattered Cover

2526 E. Colfax Avenue

Denver, CO  80206

7:00 pm

10/5 – Dallas, TX

The Wild Detectives

314 W 8th Street

Dallas, TX  75208

Presented by WordSpace and Deep Vellum

7:00 pm

10/6 – Austin, TX


603 North Lamar

Austin, TX  78703

With Joe Gross

7:00 pm

10/7 – Chicago, IL

Lincoln Hall, presented by Unabridged Books

2424 N Lincoln Avenue

Chicago, IL 60614

With Mairead Case

7:00 pm

10/8 – Brookline, MA

Coolidge Theater, presented by Brookline Booksmith

290 Harvard Street

Brookline, MA 02446

6:00 pm

Complete information, or complete with respect to the subject at hand, anyway, with links to the events and so forth, is over at mountain hyphen goats dot com right now, so, you know, advance your wolf over there for the details.

I will see you soon!


Hey everybody! I’ve come into possession of a code for Championship Riven! This is one of the few limited edition skins left in the game since most of them have become legacy instead. If you want a chance to get this skin, just follow me and reblog this post! I’ll announce the winner tonight at 9 PM EST! This code will only work on the NA server, so please keep that in mind!


We go forward.

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Aphromoo the Carry


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'The Bartender' Will Disappear on July 1st ›


I’m like most of you. School shootings stay with me for a very long time. I get sick and numb and useless. I see on the news that another kid took a gun and pointed it at a bunch of other kids with hearts and squeezed the trigger again and again, and then my brain short circuits. Then I call…

Title: Kids (MGMT cover) Artist: Of Monsters and Men 141,573 plays


Nanna Bryndís Himarsdóttir (vocals) and Brynjar Liefsson (guitar) cover MGMT’s Kids

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Title: Tribe of the Horned Heart Artist: The Mountain Goats 9,081 plays



The Mountain Goats - Tribe of the Horned Heart - 03.24.12

You knew that they were out there by the signs they left behind

On old abandoned buildings, just some X’s and some lines

Half circles in the concrete, crescents in the snow

You could find the little beacons almost everywhere you’d go

Only people who were sick enough

Knew how to read them right

I got sick when I was seventeen

And I’d hunt down signs all night

You’d listen for the voices in the generator’s hum

Hang out behind the power plant and wait for them to come

Hints about their mission in the rustling of the surf

But no secrets can be kept from you if your faith is strong enough

Only people who’ve been sick too long

Can hold on to the hope

That some friendly ghost is listening to the prayers they learned to say

At the slack end of the rope

I don’t generally reblog my own stuff ‘n’ stuff but I consider this one of my better lyrics and I don’t think it’s widely known because I only played it like twice, so I’m doin the thing I don’t generally do

Self-esteem is overrated. ›


There’s something very liberating and empowering about opening yourself up to the possibility that you might be a giant piece of shit. Seriously: If you believe you’re beautiful and intelligent and creative and wonderful and something terrible still happens to you, where do you go from there?…





It’s time for a summertime giveaway! This summer is shaping up to be a fun one with the Modern Event deck, Conspiracy, and M15 bringing us new borders. This giveaway should be a fun one, and all you have to do is be following us and reblog/like this post! For every 250 notes we will move to the right, and the cards are cumulative. So, currently at 0 notes Ash Zealot is the giveaway, at 250 its Ash Zealot and Master of the Feast, at 500 it is Ash, Master, and Solemn… and you can figure it out from there. So as time spreads there will be more and more on the line! Winners will be announced at 8PM PDT on Wednesday, May 21.

Also, I’m not sure why but I somehow agreed to a ridiculous sale on the beanies. What we’re doing is $12 per beanie, AND if you order 2 or more (so get your friend in on it) we’ll give you a dollar off on every beanie in your order with coupon code “tumblr”.  You can go ahead and thank Aaron for that one…

I guess you can say I’m a big fan of summer, so let’s get it started the right way :D

Just over 24 hours! May be late announcing the winner depending on when I finish a meeting.

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The Adventures of Batman and Bear-Robin!
In Gif form! :P

Cale Atkinson [website | tumblr | twitter | etsy]

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INSTRUCTIONS for joining the Ascended Minion Project!

This is the official Steve Argyle collectors fan club.  My name is Justin, and I will be your host.  If you just sorta like Steve Argyle’s artwork, really like it, absolutely love it, or can’t live a day without it… you are welcome here.

This really is official.  Steve designed that logo for us and it appears on some very special items that maybe could be yours.  If you want to learn how then stick around.  You can just follow and lurk if that’s your thing… here’s all of the related places to check out -

Loose Ends and Stalling - This is Steve Argyle’s personal blog.  It consists mostly of photos of the card alterations he does at appearances, but he sometimes has other stuff to show off or things to tell us.

Ascended Minion Project - This is the official blog of the group.  Here you will find updates about member activity (including ascensions,) as well as “members only” news and a healthy dose of the various collections of the minions.

Gathering Steve Argyle’s Magic - This is my “Steve Argyle wiki.”  A database of Steve’s art career, this blog currently covers all of his Magic: the Gathering work, as well as his other commission art from his first published pieces in August 2004 to the present.  (As of today his works are covered up until July 2007.)  There are a few tidbits here and there about his earlier 3D CG work as far back as 1995.  This is also where I advertise his upcoming appearances and other general news his collectors would be interested in.

Ascended Minion Prime - If you’re interested, this is where I keep photos of my personal Steve Argyle collection during my pursuit of making it the single most comprehensive such collection in the world.

Of course some of the minions keep their own Steve-Argyle-specific blogs that are totally worthwhile to follow.

- or you can officially join

1.  You should join tumblr if you haven’t already.

It isn’t required, but a lot of what I’m planning will revolve around your ability to post pictures here and see posts.  You should also follow all of those blogs up there.  Things about this group may appear in any of those places.

2.  Email me at

Tell me you want to join.  I will add your name to the registry and reply with your member number.  You do not need to provide me with a name and a mailing address to register (but you can’t receive anything if you don’t.)  I will not share this information (except with Steve Argyle if it is necessary) and it will only be stored offline.  I may need it to send you stuff… because this project is all about getting stuff.  While supplies last (and they are occasionally replenished) a selection of Steve’s “binder candy” will be sent to every registrant.

3. Tell me something about yourself and your collection

As more registrants show up it helps if I can tell you apart in a crowd.  I love to hear about collecting Steve’s stuff.  What do you have, when did you start.  I want to know your favorite piece of his art if you have one.  Also, if there is anything you think would make a good and reasonable item from Steve as an ascension reward then mention it.

Lastly, please reblog this and spread the word!

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